Yesterday I heard a news report about a growing business on the web called “Rent a Friend”. No, this is not something X rated or even R. This would be very PG or G. It is a business that offers exactly what it advertizes – rents people friends who do not want to go to a party, a movie, or a restaurant alone. Here is a link to a similar news report – not the one I saw on TV

The station reported that this has been growing in America recently but in some countries like South Korea it has been a successful business for years.  The cost ranges from 10 dollars an hour to 150 . The report talks about how this is the solution for people who have tried and tried but have just not found that close friend and are tired of spending time alone.

A lot could be criticized here about this website but I want to point out what this news report says to me – people are desperate for community. We might be living in a world where more and more people are taking classes in their PJs at night to get their second degree, working from home, and shopping online to bypass the crowds but still we have a basic built in need to be in relationship with others. We are wired to be seen and see others – to feel known.

This news report makes me ask myself some question about the people around me. How many are hungry for friendship and companionship? And am I working to widen my circle to allow more and more people in? I work with a woman who is always trying to widen the circle – bring more in. If we have a group sitting in the student center and a person walks in she will invite and ask people to spread out. If a group is going somewhere to eat and she sees someone who might look faintly interested she is grabbing them and inviting. This news article makes me think about her gift of inclusion and motivates me to be more like that.

I would be interested in hearing how this news report makes people feel, think and how if it motivates in some way? It kinda makes me want to start a website that offers friends for free – if you need a friend – come join us.

I hope your splash is huge today!