Worth the splash? (two weeks ago today  – just did not post it)

So I am in Arkansas today. My two sons (Wes and Siah) are here to see my parents and attend a family reunion. It is a 12-hour trip from Wilmore, KY to Fayetteville, Ar. It is a tiring and sometimes frustrating trip by car. The best way to do it is either to do it in two days or get up early and get there as quickly as possible. One thing that makes this trip even longer is when we add things a long the way – like a quick trip to Searcy where we used to live, or the desire to eat strawberry shortcake in Bald Knob, or to experience Jay’s pool or the lake (www.greersferrylake.org/content/) in Heber Springs.

On this trip we set out very very early to try to experience the lake in Heber. I wanted to introduce my boys to the “Great Seed”. Some of you will know the cliff I am talking about. It is a huge cliff just down from where I grew up. The reason for the name is – another story. We set out to get to the Great Seed but with a short stay looming ahead of us we did not want to go that far out of the way.  We set our sites on Jay’s pool. This is the pool I grew up swimming in, which I talk about in a previous blog.  Now that I live in KY I try each summer to get through Walnut Ridge to have a quick swim. Once the boys and I stopped just long enough to jump in for 15 minutes and then refreshed we headed out for the next 8 hours of the trip.

We made it to Walnut Ridge by 12:30 central time with the idea of a nice long swim before we ventured on. The bad news was it was pouring rain when we got there. So we wasted time waiting for the rain to end – looked at the church we used to throw snowballs off of at cars (not me and the boys but friends in Walnut Ridge). We went by the Polar Freeze (incredible barbeque) and had ice cream at McDonalds (the one I was at on opening day some time in the mid 80s). But the rain did not stop. It looked like we would visit with Vickie Clark (Jay’s Mom) and head on to Fayetteville when Siah had a wonderful idea – he stripped down and jumped in. His reasoning was sound  – “We will get wet any way” – “We will not let this stop us!” He jumped into the situation with both feet and led his brother and father into two full hours of jumping fun. The rain eventually stopped and the fun at the pool – jumping off that great diving board was had for a couple hours.

Afterwards we were so tired – Jay advised us to drive the northern route ,which I kind of want to have a talk with him about. It was the hardest and longest drive I have had in a long time. It rained on us the whole way. We had multiple slow people in front of us and I was the only one awake in the car which was torture. And the whole way I thought – “Was the opportunity to splash worth it?” And the answer kept coming back – “Oh yea – it was worth it!” Which is the same thing that happens most every time I jump into life with both feet hoping to make a big splash.  Happy Splashing!