I have always wanted to journal or keep a diary. I have attempted one or the other ever since I could write. I remember finding a notebook I created in elementary school where I talked about the imaginary basketball games I had played that day in the back yard (hey I am an only child – don’t make fun). I efforts over the years usually began at starting points like the beginning of the year, beginning of a school year, or at the beginning of monumental stages of life like marriage and fatherhood. But even that fatherhood journal ended much like the yearly attempts – after about two weeks it just stopped. The reasons are many but the main point is that I did not keep them going.

So a couple years ago the idea came to me to combine my desire to record life events and something I have always enjoyed doing – top five lists. No this did not come from the movie High Fidelity, but did love that movie because of all the “top fives”. Basically I love to rank things. I rank music ( have my top 100 songs in a playlist on my Ipod), movies, sporting teams, vacation spots, restaurants, meals, sport’s complexes…… I am sure you get the idea. So I thought – what if each day I just rank the top five things that happened during the day. Not the top five best things – but the top five most significant things.

It has been amazing. I am coming onto about two years now and I have to say it is one of the most rewarding practices I am doing right now. I have only missed about 10 days in the last two years… because one I love to rank and secondly it is so easy. There are some days I just make a list and then there are others that I think deeply and analytically write about what happened. It just depends upon what is in me.

The best part is that now I have a snap shot every day (except for 10 days) of the past two years. And when I have time I look back on last year just to see what was happening. Here is an example (link). I wish I had been doing this all my life. There are so many lost moments (good and bad) that  I would like to see how I would have commented on them at the time. But alas it is a great experience now. A great way to honor the important moments of a day – like today working on a fish tank with my friend Dave or last night enjoying my kids watching Jaws for the first time. Great moments that can easily disappear into the busyness of our lives.

On this blog I will be including ranking lists. I plan on ranking the ordinary like moves and music but also soccer clubs, KY basketball gyms I visit, and maybe even my five favorite tropical salt water fish. I would love to hear some of yours as well. I would especially love to see a top five from someone’s day that they will never forget. This practice is just another way to jump into life with both feet – to jump into every day and get as much out of it that we can. Happy jumping!